End of Tenancy Cleaning

Finding good tenants is a top priority for a landlord. A landlord can not possibly know all the intimate details of the tenants moving into his property and he can not just demand to inspect the property every other week either. End of tenancy cleaning services in London can be a welcome reprieve when finally nightmare tenants with filthy habits move out. There are many wonderful commercial and private tenants out there who pay their rent on time and keep their rentals spotless, but there are also those who have no scruples when it comes to simple hygiene and they often just up and leave, leaving the landlord to clean up their mess.

However tenants choose to live or work, when it is time to move out, the home, apartments or offices must be thoroughly cleaned for the next occupants. The idea is to make sure that the next tenants move into a spanking clean place.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services can be Offered at Short Notice

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning service providers offer fantastic services to letting agents, property managers and landlords because they know the criteria involved around tenant cleaning. Apart from being able to offer their professional cleaning services at short notice and at competitive rates, as a landlord with a portfolio of properties which are rented out,  professional and accredited cleaning services will offer special rates to the landlord, particularly when the landlord makes use of their special package deals. These package deals are all about value added services over and above just cleaning, and include things like key management where keys are picked up and returned free of charge as well as services like managing utility bills. Of course, during the cleaning process, if they find anything untoward, they also prepare a detailed report and alert the landlord or letting agents.

Cleaning Jobs can be Tailored to Your Needs

An end of tenancy cleaning job involves more work than what the landlord or tenants can cope with, and to this end, professional end of tenancy cleaning services are roped in. Make sure you always choose a reputable cleaning service provider with skilled professional cleaners who have been extensive trained. These cleaning companies are willing and prepared to tackle the most grueling cleaning job once the tenants have cleared out. They have a range of hard working and professional equipment and products to tackle the meanest cleaning jobs. They tailor each cleaning job to your needs and are 100% involved with the job from start to finish.

Being a landlord is not just about the pleasure of collecting rent at the end of the month, as a landlord you have to worry about things like will your tenants make their rental payments on time and will they keep your property in a neat, clean and tidy condition.

The Type of Jobs that are Taken On

How can you ever get rid of all the dirt and those unpleasant odors. Cleaning your own home is a chore many of us do not relish, but it can be demoralizing having to clean up someone else is filth. There are many stories that are hard to believe of how some tenants live, and cleaning up after such tenants can include –

  • Complete spring cleaning services
  • Window cleaning services inside and out
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning and dry-cleaning
  • Floor cleaning

If you have never considered professional house cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning in London should be seriously considered. Not only are their team of workers vetted and reference checked, they are trained to climb right in and to the job quickly and smartly. No job is too overwhelming for end of tenancy cleaning companies and they scrub, mop, shine, vacuum, dust and polish floors, walls, carpets and tiles in every bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. They know that cleaning feces and mold is a sensitive procedure and requires careful removal and cleaning to avoid spreading contamination.

They make use of protective equipment such as gloves and respirators, and making use of steam-cleaners, pressure washers, vacuums, electric brooms and polishers, they set about eliminating toxic pollutants. They avoid harsh and toxic cleaning chemicals, realizing they have potential health risks and they avoid dangerous chemicals in favor of more natural solutions.

Cleaning Services within Your Budget

Reputable and credible professional end of tenancy cleaning house cleaners know that their reputation is dependent on the services they offer and they are committed to delivering a range of cleaning services that will meet your budget and save you a lot of time.

End of Tenancy Cleaning services can save a tenant a lot of time and ensure that by leaving their place spic and span they will get their deposit back as well.

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