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rug cleaning, curtain cleaning, london, mattress cleaning service, mattress cleaning london, Regular professional and specialist cleaning will prolong the life span of your rugs, curtains and mattresses. Specialist cleaning removes organic matter, dirt, dust and chemical compounds that accumulate over time in rugs, mattresses and curtains; most of which day to day home cleaning can never remove sufficiently. We are a trusted cleaning business that has been in the industry for a long time with many repeat customers. Our competent rug, curtain and mattress cleaning specialists are known for their experience and attention to detail.

The mattress is one of the dirtiest objects we keep in close contact with on a daily basis. Mattresses tend to be soiled very quickly and hence are harmful to your health. This is true to both mattresses that are just a couple of months old to the ones that have been used for several years. Over time mattresses gather dust mites whose excrement contains allergens. As you turn on your bed, these allergens get into your mouth and nose resulting into allergies and even coughs. Our proven cleaning process is particularly designed to get rid of these dust mites and reduce allergen levels. Besides, our mattress cleaning process is very convenient; it takes place on site without even removing the mattress from the bed unless under special circumstances. It occurs very quickly, usually less than an hour and the bed can resume usage almost immediately.

rug cleaning, curtain cleaning, london, mattress cleaning service, mattress cleaning london, When it comes to rug cleaning, our cleaning process ensures the removal of even the tiniest of particles such as pollen and other allergens that enhances asthma. Besides, the detergents that we use adhere to strict environmental standards are very friendly to children. Our very experienced technicians will give spots, pet stains and heavy traffic areas special attention leaving your rugs spotless and very clean.

Curtain cleaning is one thing that never happens in day to day home cleaning yet they contain pollutants and contaminant that settle on them. This results in poor air quality within the house. Our exceptional curtain cleaning service will remove all spots and stubborn stains ensuring proper and fresh air circulation. Contact us today for exceptional cleaning services.


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